​​Name: ​​Paula Martin

Phone: (559) 253-6450​

Email: Paula.Martin@fresnounified.org

​​​Health Services:​ (559) 457-3294​​​​

Medications and Ill Students

A doctor must prescribe medications that are taken at school.  A parent or guardian must bring in the medication in the original container and with complete instructions.  There must be on file a consent form signed by the parent or guardian and the physician explaining the time and dosage to be given at school along with any special instructions that might be necessary.  Medications will be stored in a locked cupboard in the nurse’s office.

Notify the school office if your child has a health condition that may affect his/her activities at school.

If your child becomes sick during the school day the parent will be contacted. If the parent cannot be reached another person on the emergency card will be contacted.  Students cannot be released to walk home, be picked up by someone under 18 years of age, or by someone who is not listed on the emergency card.

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